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Previous Boards

The Second Suus Board

(The Usual Suuspects, 2022-2023)

You can reach the current board at with any questions or suggestions.

The chairperson has several tasks on the board. In no particular order: being the face of the association, facilitating the GA, being the head of the association, facilitating internal meetings, and taking the shape of a chair. I am equally passionate about each of these tasks, and will perform all of them to the best of my ability. So far the biggest difficulty has been figuring out which chairshape suits me best, but I am hopeful this will be resolved in due time.

Ori – Secretary

The secretary of the board is chiefly in charge of communications, as well as taking up administrative tasks. These administrative tasks amount to taking notes at board meetings and handling member’s registration. Making sure the documents produced at Suus remain available for future generations is also important. Thus, I will take care of having an organised archive, and all correspondence in order for anyone that needs access to it. 

As for communications, the secretary always writes the newsletter, and can take care of other forms of correspondence. My goal is to make the letters appealing and encouraging for all of our members to join activities and committees. I really enjoy writing, and striking a balance between very creative and structured letters. 

Marien – Treasurer

The treasurer keeps an overview of all expenses, and resides over the budget. I will make sure that enough money goes in and that enough money goes out, while keeping a full administration for transparency. Although the whole concept of money is very inconvenient, I will try to make the best out of it this year, so that Suus can organise many awesome events. I will also try to use my computer science knowledge to set up a simple website for Suus. My nickname is Marienkolder, which is very funny in Dutch I promise!

Mar – Vice-chairperson

The vice-chairperson of a board is by definition the spare chairperson.  Since that is not a fulltime job, the vice-chair is the person who will do all jobs not necessarily belonging to one of the other board members. More specifically, my function is to make sure committee registration goes smoothly, and that all committees are filled with a nice, healthy mix of students. Think of me as the thrashcan of the board, when you turn it upside down, a trashcan can also be a chair. im also very cool and moker hot

Founding board (2021-2022)

The founding board included Hilbrand as chairperson, Raoul as secretary, Roos as Treasurer and Samar as general board member.