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About Us

Suus is the study association for students of the HPS and SEC master’s programmes. We organise academic and social events relevant to those among us with an interest in science that goes beyond merely doing it, which we assume is a given for those in our study programmes. Our goal is to form a bridge between the two diverse student populations of the Freudenthal Institute and to provide our members with the social backdrop against which their academic lives could be set.

Suus was founded in 2021 by Hilbrand Wouters, Raoul Titulaer, Roos Vervelde and Samar Khan. They were named the first honorary members of Suus in October 2022.

Who is Suus?

Suus Freudenthal-Lutter was a pedagogical scientist and science communicator to whom Hans Freudenthal was married. The association is named in honour of her efforts in promoting science education and rethinking the possible ways in which education can engage with the communities in which it is provided. Lauded for her work in developing and disseminating Jenaplan education in the Netherlands, however, her work in influencing her husband to direct his efforts away from pure mathematics into the field of mathematics education deserves at least as much credit. We hope the name also calls to attention the many other forgotten women in the history of science and science in general. Behind every great institute is an even greater study association.


Here you can find some fun official documents about the association.