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We currently have 3 awesome committees. If you are interested in joining any one of them, simply email our secretary Jamie at We also have a selection of clubs that are available to Suus members the links to which can be found in the newsletter as well as in the description of the Suus Announcements chat.

Social committee

The Social Committee is responsible for such regular events as drinks and simple activities (e.g. sports, movie night, board games), and the End-of-Year BBQ as their main event. Regular events should occur roughly twice per month (one for drinks, one for an activity). The Social committee should also assist the organization of the gala during the Suusposium. For the Study Trip, the Social Committee handles aspects of the trip most relevant to their usual planning, such as a pub crawl, group dinners, and other activities.

Excursion committee

The Excursion Committee is responsible for regular events such as half-day/day trips to attractions, activities, or events in other cities. Excursions should be organized roughly every two months. The main event organized by the Excursion Committee is an overnight/weekend trip (e.g. camping trip). For the Study Trip, the Excursion Committee is the primary organizer and handles the decision of destination (based on the presence of a SEC/HPS department, accessibility by train, costs, etc.), as well as signups and the booking of travel tickets and accommodation.

Academic committee

The Academic Committee is responsible for regular events such as group lectures, local museum visits, and professional development events (e.g. CV proofreading groups). The main event hosted by the Academic Committee is the Suusposium, a lecture series/symposium for HPS & SEC related topics, possibly inviting students and lecturers from another school with similar departments (e.g. University of Jena). For the Study Trip, the Academic Committee handles contact with a local SEC/HPS department, museum visits, and other related activities.