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Current Board

The Third Suus Board

(International Suus Station, 2023-2024)

You can reach the current board at with any questions or suggestions.

The chairperson is for all intents and purposes the absolute sovereign of this association. As your god emperor, I vow that there will be no frolicking under my watch and that all my underlings will suffer. My aspirations include tactically pitting the different factions of Suus against each other so I can hold onto power while making nonsense promises to guarantee reelection. It is finally time to bring some discipline and order to this anarchic association.

But in all seriousness, the chairperson serves primarily as the head of the association. The chair has many responsibilities deriving from that role, including ensuring the GAs take place, facilitating board meetings and representing the association. I pledge that I will fulfil these tasks to the best of my ability, promote our vision of Suus, and try to run this ship as smoothly and as agreeably to everyone, as possible.

Tijs – Vice-chairperson

The vice-chair is there to do everything the chair isn’t doing. Antonios might be occupied with keeping his underlings in check, so in that case I could be busy. Luckily doing things for Suus is actually a lot of fun! I’ll take care of membership matters, to make sure big brother is still watching you. Plus, as the only Dutch person, I will be responsible for reading all Dutch-language nice dusty bureaucratic documents. And last but definitely not least, I’m taking extra care of matters concerning inclusion this year. 

Jamie – Secretary

Yo, yo, Jamie here / I make notes and keep things clear. / My initials are JMC / but you can call me Suus secretary. / Among other things, I manage the website / so hit me up if something don’t look right!

Jeske – Treasurer

The treasurer handles the finances so that’s what I’m gonna be doing (cha-ching). I follow in the footsteps of the great Marien, whose beautiful spreadsheet has guided my own (I made a copy, ok?). I vow to keep the books balanced and records detailed and transparent, and dole out reimbursements in a timely manner. I’ll also be sending out silly little announcements in the WhatsApp chat so look out for those! <3, Jeske

Rafail – Communications Officer

All right let’s finish this, you’re probably already bored (get it? Board? As in the Suus board?). The communications officer handles, well, communications. You can be sure that at some point you will receive an email from yours truly, or an announcement or an actual physical letter or a cosmic portal will tear beneath your feet. I am also the wrangler of the elusive and ferocious newsletter. That means I make sure to go out in the wild once a month and harvest the nicest of newsletter bois, only for your consumption. I pledge that nothing shall remain unannounced even if it means personally casting a Summon Portal spell.